Help! I’ve never been camping! (and/or, I’ve never been on the SLAA camping trip.)
You are not alone. Check the “newcomer” box on the online registration form and we will do our best to pair you with a more experienced camping buddy. Or, feel free to add yourself to the camping email list and ask questions of the group.

Can I camp for just one or two nights?
Fees are the same whether camping for one night or all three–no partial registrations will be accepted. If you can only attend part of the trip and don’t want to pay the full fee, you can arrange with another part-timer to split the fee and camp at different times during the weekend. (but one of you will need to pay for the entire registration)

Can I come just for the day?
You are welcome to come just for the day; there is a mandatory $20 day use fee for the Lodge.

What are the campground amenities?
Swimming, boating, hiking–bring your boats/rafts/innertubes. Hot showers, campfires, volleyball, basketball, pingpong. Cots can be rented through the lodge, boats can be rented nearby and rooms may be available at the lodge for non-campers at the rate of approx. $200 per night. There is a fridge to store food and sink to wash dishes and one canoe, free to use

Is there a registration deadline?
Registration deadline is August 19.

What is the refund policy?
Full refunds are available until August 25th. After that date no refunds will be available.

Can I bring non-SLAA friends or family  members?
To maintain the anonymity and privacy of the group, the retreat is limited to SLAA fellows only. (i.e., those who have attended at least one SLAA meeting.)

Where is the campground located?
15905 River Rd, Guerneville; about a 2 hour drive from Oakland.

Will meals or food be provided?
Campers are responsible for their own food; if you are interested in being part of a camper-coordinated food and supply sharing effort, we recommend opting in to the google group email list when you fill out the registration form.

Can I bring my dog or other pet?
Well behaved dogs are welcome.

What activities are planned?
The only planned activities are two meetings per day (one morning, one evening). In the past, impromptu hikes, swimming at the beach, kayak rental, cook-outs, arts & crafts, evening campsite sing-a-longs and more have occurred. The time is unstructured and yours to do with as you will–including relaxing!

Exactly how much fun will I have?

While we can’t give an exact figure, it’s estimated that you will have at least 7.32 times as much fun as you would if you stayed home.